Originally trained as a painter, my fascination with sculpture began during my stay in London when the atmosphere and the light became colder and less vibrant for me. This was a drastic change from the warmth and brightness of Israel where I grew up. Unlike in paintings, repetition became a recurrent theme in my three dimensional works.

My artwork has been greatly influenced by the fact that my childhood was interrupted because of my experiences in the Holocaust and the loss of both my parents. Perhaps the most influential event in more recent years to affect the evolution of my art was the death of my 19 year old son in Israel's war with Lebanon (1982). This difficult loss caused me to refocus on my feelings about the Holocaust and to create sculpture that was more symbolic about resistance and survival. I believe that resistance and survival stands for strength and power, and that survivors should not be viewed as victims but as the underpinning for new life and renewal. I began constructing pieces where I used repetition (usually six figures with each representing one million souls) and sharply defined forms to convey the fact that resistance can be a powerful force for continuity and the survival of a people-this is especially clear in the case of the six million Sometimes the six forms stand separately and sometimes they are attached so that they emerge as one unique form. In some sculptures, each of the six forms is painted with a different bright color which seduces even very young viewers to become engaged with the work..

My belief in the importance of the strength of all people to stand up against evil forces continues to be the inspiration for new works.

Ephraim Peleg

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